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Zuni Fetish Store

28th July 2017

A fetish is a Native American carving believed to have special power. Many Native American tribes create and use fetishes of which the most renowned fetish carvers

With each Zuni Fetish(es) purchase you will receive ONE complimentary mini handmade pueblo pottery dish for feeding your Zuni Fetish Carving

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Zuni fetishes are small carvings made from various materials by the Zuni people. These carvings have traditionally served a ceremonial purpose for their creators and

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Shop Zuni Fetishes Now. Until recently Zuni fetish carvings have been fairly abstract in form. Most carvings today are much more detailed, many intricately so.

Zuni also make fetishes and necklaces for the purpose of rituals and trade, and more recently for sale to collectors. The Zuni are known for their fine

Authentic Zuni, Hopi, Santo Domingo, and Navajo jewelry and crafts are available at reasonable prices.

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The official website of the Pueblo of Zuni, the zuni people welcome you to indulge in our heritage, and view the beautiful scenery zuni has to offer.

KESHI: THE ZUNI CONNECTION. Keshi (kay-SHE) is the traditional greeting of the Zuni Pueblo people who live in beautiful western New Mexico. Our store is called Keshi

Zuni Spirits: Authentic Zuni fetish, Zuni fetishes and Zuni Fetish Carvings direct from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico!

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